TKF Foundation, Annapolis, MD

Envisioning the future

The TKF Foundation is dedicated to inspiring and supporting the creation of public green spaces that encourage a deeper human experience through the connection of nature and spirit. METStrategies was engaged by the Foundation at a point of transition, when its founders made the decision to sunset their philanthropy. Over a three-year period, METStrategies worked with the Foundation’s staff and board to articulate their vision, core values, guiding principles and beliefs, and to identify goals and objectives for the final decade of their strategic philanthropy.  We conducted a far-ranging exploration of alternative giving programs and strategies informed by interviews with more than 50 grantees, partners, peer funders and practitioners. A new national grants and research initiative will be launched in 2011.

Philanthropy Counsel and Facilitation: Beth Tuttle
Graphic Recording: Janine Underhill